Many friends have come and gone from our lives along the way, those who have helped us to be better showmen and those whom we have been proud 
to offer a hand to. It is now our singular pleasure to finish most of our dogs from the Bred by Exhibitor Class.  

Here at Akiko Akitas, we believe in careful genetic breeding of all breeding stock, and strive to produce sound Akitas that will be wonderful family members, as well as excelling in the show ring. We believe that producing sound temperament must come first in today's society. Many of our Akitas are certified therapy dogs. We focus on producing a beautiful, distinctive Akita type, sound movement, excellent temperament and correct conformation, according to our AKC breed standard.  

Although we have been blessed with wonderful Akitas, we have not remained untouched by loss. In 2009 my husband Heath lost his long and terrible battle with cancer. The light of my life and the solid oak upon whom I leaned, he was my friend, my love, my life. Heath will be remembered by so many for his kindness and strength – for his love of his dogs and joy of life. I will forever carry him in my heart; a beacon that guides me as I continue along the path we started together.  

I am grateful for the love and understanding of my dear friends from the Akita world and dog world for their support and devotion during my time
of loss. Without your friendship and strong shoulders, the support of my kennel “family”, and the love of my wonderful dogs, it could have proved insurmountable. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  

As time moves on I have become more deeply involved in other aspects of not only the Akita, but the canine world in general. As a member of the
Akita Club of America, I have served on the ACA board as a regional representative on the Judges Education Committee, Chaired the Breeder's
Education Committee and currently chair the Canine Legislation Committee.  

I am AKC delegate for the Hockamock Kennel Club, and proudly serve on the all breed club committee and chair the delegates legislative caucus. I have been a past President of the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owner's, which actively works to maintain dog owner rights, monitoring Statewide and National canine legislation.  I also serve on the Board of Directors of the National Animal Interest Alliance.  

Life is very busy at Akiko Akitas and there is never a dull moment! We have taken a very big step this year in moving to Virginia for a new, fresh start with old friends and new. 

  I hope you will come back often to see just what’s happening at Akiko!

 Nancy Fisk

              Ilha Das Emeraldas

An Emerald Isle in azure lake beckons.

"Come,come to the place God and Man can


Where the sould is purified of worldly cares and

         two souls can blend as one.

"Come, come to the arms of sweet quiet peace,

"Where the pink flower grows, protected by love,

         and God's masters of song are free.

"Come, come and enjoy, with the young and the old

         sweet rest.

"Where the tall pines stand, sentinels strong, and

         spread a soft carpet where children play.

"Come, come with your love at your side and stay,

"Where Love Flourishes strong for all who will seek

         it, and will never die till the lake is gone.

An Emerald Isle in azure lake beckons.

I'll come, yes I'll come and I'll stay forever.

                                   Thatcher H. Fisk, Jr


"My husband Heath and I began our love affair with the Akita breed quite by accident..."

The story began for my husband Heath and I, in 1982 when Redman's Akiko CD our first Akita, was whelped in our home.  "Kiko" started it all, she taught us about the amazing loyalty and intelligence of this wonderful breed. She was our friend, our foundation, the dam to our first champion CH. Akiko's Foxy Ted, CD, TT, TDI, ROM,VDX in 1986. Kiko set our feet on the path and began our journey, and the rest is, as they say...history.  

We were hooked on Akitas and the sport of AKC dog showing. From Teddy to Boo, Sky and Cracker, our first BISS Emmie, on to Gracie then Vinnie,  Jamming’ and TJ , from Mellow to Fluffer and so many, many more amazing Akitas, we are fortunate to have produced many champions of record over the years with multiple Best in Shows, Best in Specialty Shows and Awards of Merit to our credit.  It was our honor to retire the Akita Club of America Top Trophy at the 2000 National with three wins in only four years of competition.

Our brace of brilliant red brothers, the unforgettable Jammin’ and TJ won at national and regional specialties, displaying not only their excellent conformation, but also the wonderful temperament that we strive for and produce at Akiko Akitas. Their wonderful temperaments and sound conformation, is evident in every dog whelped at Akiko today.